Saturday, 3 February 2007


One of John Peel´s favorite and also of Frank Zappa´s, the true beefheart king back from the promise land.
Says the legend, I first met Beefheart in England, on John Peel's shows on BBC1, during my night shifts as a butcher. He played "Drop out Boogie". The next day, I ran like mad to the local record shop, and found myself a pair of bongos. By chance, I also got a copy of the "Magnetic Hands" by the Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. That's it! The magic took hold of me. They say Van Vliet answers the phone before it rings. Something similar happens to me: I can picture who's ringing before the bell rings. We probably have something in common.

From the Peel Sessions, a never released.
Recorded on the 24th January 1968:
London, Maida Vale. Studio 4. Production: Bernie Andrews. Engineering: Dave Tate, Bob Conduct.

Un dos preferidos de John Peel e também de Frank Zappa, o verdadeiro rei coração de boi de volta da terra prometida.
Reza a lenda que eu conheci o Captain Beefheart na Inglaterra, nos programas do John Peel na BBC1, durante os meus turnos nocturnos quando trabalhava no talho. No dia seguinte, corri para a loja de discos locais, e arranjei um par de bongos. Por sorte, também desencantei uma cópia do "Magnetic Hands" pelos Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. E pronto, fiquei possesso. Dizem que o Van Vliet responde aos telefonemas antes do telefone tocar. Algo semelhante costuma acontecer-me: consigo ver a pessoa antes que a campaínha toca. Temos algo em comum.

Tirado das Peel Sessions, uma coisa que nunca foi editada.
Gravado em 24 de Janeiro de 1968:
Londres, Maida Vale. Studio 4. Produção: Bernie Andrews. Engenheiro: Dave Tate, Bob Conduct.

1 - Abba Zabba
2 - Electricity

CLICK CLACK, click clak!
The hard sounding blues, with the help of the staggering voice of Captain Beefheart. Deep solemn stuff.
o blues de som duro e pesado, com a agravante da espantosa voz de Captain Beefheart. Um momento de profundidade solene.

Two minutes of an interview:

McGrath: Tell me about your new album
Beefheart: The name of it is Lick My Decals Off...
Beefheart's Wife: No, it isn't...
Beefheart: Well, which one do you mean?
McGrath: The one you just mentioned...
Beefheart: Oh, the new one? It's called The Spotlight Kid.
McGrath:: No more decals?
Beefheart: You say "deck-alls" up here.
McGrath: And you say "dee-calls" down's a bit different.
Beefheart: It slows it down a bit, but that doesn't matter. The words slow it down more than that.
McGrath: Is there any point in asking for a musical description of the new album? Is that possible, anyway?
Beefheart: No, I don't think there is any way to describe it. It's a little more accessible, I think. A lot more accessible.
Unknown Fan: Maybe you could ask him when he's going to work with Zappa again.
Beefheart: I'm not. No, I shouldn't have even worked with him when I did. Because I can't work. He works, I play. There's a difference. Are you talking about Willie The Pimp?
Fan: Yeah. Is that the only thing you've done with him?
Beefheart: Yeah.
McGrath: You didn't like it?
Beefheart: I didn't mind doing it it, but he turned my voice down so far it was almost corny. I really sang that thing. And it turned it way down. He didn't tell me it was going to be turned down like that, and when he put it on I thought it was humourous. He should have gotten Johnny Rivers.
Fan: Well, that's how he is, I guess.
Beefheart: How is he?
Fan: Pretty weird.
McGrath: Frank's not weird, he knows what he's doing.
Beefheart: Well, I think people who know what they're doing to that degree aren't doing very much.
McGrath: Yeah, I think I know what you mean.
Beefheart: That's what I mean.

The guitars that will sweep you out of this planet.
As guitarras que vos varrerão de vez.
Ahstray heart

From Trout mask replica, something to rediscover.
Do Trout mask replica, algo para redescobrir.
Lick my decals off, baby

HIGH VOLTAGE MAN KISSES NIGHT, by the seaside, on the sand beach.
Procura-se electricidade. À beira mar, na areia da praia.